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Elizabeth MacGregor


Elizabeth MacGregor


Elizabeth is passionate about helping people to be the best that they possibly can be, through both personal and professional development.  Her unique blend of skills in coaching, counselling and the performing arts allow her a rare insight into the make-up of the individuals with whom she works, along with the skills to assist them to connect with their passion and project this in their day-to-day life.

Having worked in the fields of leadership advisory, board review, succession planning and executive development since 2012, and has supported a number of ASX100 clients from a variety of sectors including Property, Construction, Finance, NFP, Legal and Professional Services. 

Elizabeth is able to look at the entire system within which an individual operates and identify issues and possible solutions.  She has the skills and experience to deal with many levels of complexity, to appreciate the interrelatedness of issues and dynamics within group situations and to offer guidance and support.

A trained actor and singer, Elizabeth has spent many years training and performing in all media – stage, film and television, and her knowledge of performance techniques, along with her ability to connect with an audience enables her to assist others to improve their leadership skills and presence through connecting with their core beliefs and values.

Areas of Expertise
    Board Services, CEO Succession Planning, Executive Assessment Services, Consulting
    Executive Development
  • Master of Social Sciences (Counselling), University of South Australia
  • Graduate Diploma of Social Sciences (Educational Counselling), University of South Australia
  • Graduate Certificate in Family Therapy, University of South Australia
  • Bachelor of Arts (German), University of Adelaide
  • Levels 1 & 2 (Executive Coaching), Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership (ECL)


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